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04 May 2007 @ 11:04 am
I'm a geek and love messing with my iPod's smart playlists. I have made the "Ultimate Personal Radio Station" one and thought I would share how I made it. :D

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15 October 2006 @ 08:16 pm
Last month I made the Best Of Playlist well this is the Best Of those Best of Playlists.

I made a bunch of Best Of Playlists for some of my favorite artist this is a playlist that selects those and makes a big mix of them.

Playlist > is > BOf : Alexz
Playlist > is > BOf : John Mayer
Playlist > is > BOf : JT
Playlist > is > BOf : KC
Playlist > is > BOf : Metric

Limit to 25 items > Selected by Most Often Played

Just change up the Selected By and you will get a different playlist with your favorite songs from your Best Of Playlists.
11 September 2006 @ 10:02 pm
I thought it would be fun to make some playlists having to do with the Nsync boys that had their nsync songs as well as their solo efforts. So I put in the comments of all the songs "nsyncboys." From there you can make many playlists that would collect all their songs.

I made a Best Of playlist for them which gave me a good mix of all of them.

Comment > contains > nsyncboys
Play Count > is greater than > 10
Limit to 14 songs > selected by most often played
11 September 2006 @ 09:53 pm
If you have a lot of songs by a certain artist and would just like to hear the best of.

Artist > is > X
My Rating > is greater than > 10
Limit to 10 songs > Selected by most often played

You can of course change the values to get what best fits you.

If your like me and don't rate your songs as much as you would like to here is an alternate best of. Instead of using Ratings we substitute in Play Count.

Artist > is > X
Play Count > is greater than > 10
Limit to 10 songs > selected by most often played
12 June 2006 @ 11:47 pm
Hi all,

I have a playlist I want to make that should be fairly easy, but I can't seem to get to work right.

I want a playlist that will play all of my non-classical songs at random.

Right now, my smart playlist is set as follows:

# Match all rules
# Genre is not classical
# Limit to 10000 songs selected by random

This provides the correct list of all the songs I want. Unfortunately, they are all automatically alphabetized by artist, which means my "random" playlist will start with two hours of the Beastie Boys. I want the smart playlist to play everything from random.

One option is to limit the number of songs to just one or two, but I don't want to have to restart the playlist every five minutes.

Is there a way to randomize the songs within a playlist?
11 March 2006 @ 02:48 am
My most recent made Smart Playlist:

I get a little bored working out so I like to rate my music while I am doing it. Here is one of the playlist I made to get pick the songs to rate.

Match all:
BPM  - is in the range - 4 to 5
My Rating - is - 0 stars
Play Count - is greater than - 10
Comment - is not - rating0
Live updating checked.

BPM: The first option in that playlist above is BPM. What I've done is rated all my songs with a 1-5 rating speed/tempo wise. 1 is very slow, 2 is slow 3 medium. 4 fast and 5 faster.
Play Count: I wanted songs I like so songs I've listened to at least 10 times.
Comment: I found some songs I didn't want to give any rating to (& yes still keep them on my list) so I put in the comments rating0 that way they would be taken off this list and I wouldn't have to keep listening to them.